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Listen Now: Gorilla Participates in ‘The Commerce Marketer’ Podcast with Oracle + Bronto

Our own Director of Digital Marketing, Randy Kohl, was recently a featured guest on Oracle + Bronto’s podcast series, ‘The Commerce Marketer.’ The podcast, hosted by Oracle + Bronto’s Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz, covers ecommerce trends, strategies and future-looking initiatives in the retail space. Topics span the digital retail ecosystem, and range from omnichannel to email marketing to mobile engagement, loyalty and more.

In our episode, ‘Customer-First SEO and the Marketing Overlap,’ we discuss:
+ The pivotal forces driving changes in SEO today
+ How content plays a role in SEO strategy
+ Planning for micro-moments and how it impacts SEO strategy
+ The evolution of voice search and its impact on SEO
+ How ad-blocking software plays into the mix

Listen on iTunes, Google Play, or through the YouTube player below.

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