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The Guide to Magento 2 Upgrades

Magento 2 has proven to be a quantum leap forward for a wide range of merchants. With “end of life” coming for legacy versions of Magento 1.x in 2020 now is the time to begin the process of replatforming or upgrading. An informative quick-reading executive brief, The Guide to Magento 2 Upgrades will get you started towards a successful implementation of the world’s most popular ecommerce platform. Download the guide.

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In this executive brief, Gorilla Group Enterprise Architects and Business Solutions Analysts outline a number of variables to take into account that go beyond implementation costs and software licensing fees when considering a Magento 2 upgrade. The Guide to Magento 2 Upgrades covers:

  • New Magento 2 Features
  • B2B and B2C Use Cases
  • Replatforming Business Case Considerations
  • Magento 2 Under the Hood
  • Replatforming Best Practices

With the end of support for legacy versions of Magento 1.x coming in June 2020, the Guide provides a timely overview for busy Marketing and Digital Commerce Leaders, as your build out or refactor your ecommerce roadmaps and plan to upgrade your organization’s ecommerce channels.