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Wunderman Thompson’s Future Shopper Report presents the views of 31,000+ consumers across 18 international markets. Discover consumers' expectations for their digital shopping experiences and what brands and retailers need to do to win online. 

Consumer behavior is always evolving and with most of the world starting to move past the last two years of COVID lockdowns and restrictions, it’s critical to take note of the lasting impacts this has had on consumer shopping habits and how businesses will need to pivot to meet these expectations. 

Some standout stats from this year’s report:

  • 60% of global shoppers said they will increase their usage of digital shopping channels in the future

  • 34% of global shoppers get their inspiration from marketplaces – ahead of search engines (31%)

  • 61% of global shoppers said they like to shop with brands and retailers who have  a purpose 

  • 60% of global shoppers said they prefer to shop with a retailer or brand that has both digital and physical stores.

Download The Future Shopper Report 2022 and discover key insights into the future of retail.

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