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Wunderman Thompson’s Future Shopper Report takes a deep dive into 17 international markets and 28,000+ consumers to understand how the global online shopper is shaping the future of commerce and how businesses need to react to win in the online space.

It’s obvious at this point that COVID has disrupted the way that consumers interact with digital commerce forever, in fact, 80% of global shoppers say that the way they shop has changed since the pandemic. Attitudes, expectations, and behaviors shifted forcing rapid digital acceleration for businesses to keep up with surging demand. How can businesses best take advantage of the digital opportunities available? What is the best path forward? 

Download The Future Shopper Report 2021. Let this report serve as a guide to how consumers are shopping and how they will be shopping in the future which can help inform your digital path forward.

Table of Contents:

  • COVID-19 and Its Impact 
  • The Customer Journey 
  • Making The Case For D2C 
  • The Rise and Rise of Marketplaces 
  • Where Are We With Social Commerce? 
  • Differences Across Sectors 
  • Ethics & Sustainability 
  • The Future of Commerce 

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