Mardel is one of the nation’s leading retailers of faith-based, educational, and homeschooling products whose mission is to serve as the go-to resource for their customer’s spiritual and intellectual needs.With dozens of retail locations and ambitious plans for their ecommerce channel, Mardel partnered with us to create a digital commerce solution that supported their efforts to reach and connect with new customers, provided tools to simplify and scale site management, and delivered an upgraded customer experience that aligned with the brand ethos.

We worked hand-in-hand with the Mardel team to define a roadmap to enable continuous improvement of their ecommerce channel, and gain a deep understanding of their various customer types. This led to changes in site structure to better align their more than 600 product categories, user experience refinements to simplify browsing and shopping, the addition of Solr search functionality to ease product discover, and a refreshed visual design concept that underscored the trust and integrity that is integral to the brand-customer promise.

To support the complex business needs and enable smarter workflows, we tailored the solution around the hybris platform. Beyond the platform’s robust ecommerce capabilities, we utilized the hybris PCM cockpit to facilitate management of their large product catalog, and the WCMS module to enable Mardel to fully educate their customers and provide a richer experience. The technology solution was supplemented by an enhanced analytics and reporting package and the integration of hybris with their AS/400 ERP system to enable operational efficiencies.

Since launch, the new site has delivered on its promise of providing a seamless shopping experience for Mardel customers and enhancing the community-driven aspects of the brand. Our post-launch Managed Services team continues to work with the Mardel team on ongoing initiatives.

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