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Known for their signature knitwear, luxe touches and hand embellishments, St. John Knits is a luxury design house with a focus on timeless, elegant pieces.Founded in Southern California in 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray, the retailer had humble beginnings with an iconic knit shift and has since developed into a fashion name renowned for its craftsmanship, quality and refined American designs.

The luxury brand continues to expand globally and build on its history as a leader in American craftsmanship. Seeking to create a high-touch, engaging user experience and drive meaningful interactions with customers on a scalable site, St. John partnered with Gorilla for site redesign and development.

We began by leveraging Magento Enterprise and its robust product suite that supports omnichannel business goals. We implemented the site on a responsive design template with a mobile-first approach to provide customers with a seamless cross-device shopping experience and to accommodate the 50% of existing traffic coming from mobile.

We took an iterative approach to project phases as opposed to a traditional waterfall methodology, in order to move into stages quicker and allow for adequate review and feedback cycles to enable key approval moments.

We focused design direction around connecting the brand with the right customers and user experience on driving conversions. We kept the site’s layout open and spacious, with clean, “floating” images, rather than gridded and constrained visuals. In terms of special functionality, we built a ‘Wear This With’ section on product detail pages to allow customers the ability to select related products and create full looks based on a particular item.

We also worked to simplify backend functionality by building a homepage widget to allow homepage content editing flexibility. Key integrations include Raymark for order and customer capture and to keep inventory in sync, Listrak for email marketing, Avalara for address validation and for payment processing.

Since launch, St. John has signed on with our Managed Services team for site maintenance and future projects, and Release 2 includes iParcel integration for international shipping, a blog and customizations to Raymark for pre-order processing.

At the 2016 Magento Imagine conference, St. John Knits was awarded Best Commerce Launch during the Imagine Excellence Awards for delivering the highest-impact launch of the year.

In the past we went to the marketplace with partners where we didn’t have complete control of the experience. We went through a selection process and decided on Magento [and Gorilla Group] and the results have been better than expected.
— Scott Huckleberry, CIO, St. John Knits

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