Toolbarn is a family-owned and -operated online retailer of power tools, metal and woodworking machinery, hand tools and accessories.

Headquartered in Nebraska, the company carries tens of thousands of items from major brands and specialty manufacturers and serves as a top destination for tradesmen, artisans, and do-it-yourselfers.

Toolbarn has seen significant growth over the past several years due to competitive pricing, superior product knowledge, and unrivaled customer service, and approached Gorilla to replatform and redesign their site in order to better cater to customers’ growing expectations and elevate the brand and user experience in a highly competitive space.

Seeking to leap ahead in terms of site features and functionality, without a large upfront investment, Toolbarn leveraged our Gorilla Cloud Commerce (GCC). This offered Toolbarn a SaaS-like solution, allowing the benefits of the replatform to be realized immediately, while turning what is traditionally a large capital investment into a more predictable operating expense.

As a pure-play etailer without a physical presence, building a responsive site suitable for use on any device was key to keeping pace with industry norms, and allows the new site to be leveraged as a showrooming tool for deal-seekers.

Managing data to be ported over without losing integrity is an often overlooked step of any ecommerce project. Toolbarn had a massive catalog and database of more than 15 million customer records, including addresses, orders, invoices, credit memos, shipments, archives and more. We solved for by using a proprietary cloud-based framework – Data Migration as a Service – to expedite the data transference process.

We also provided in-depth content and SEO analysis and recommendations, which influenced information architecture and taxonomy, while providing insights for Toolbarn to rank for a broad range of keywords and create differentiation through the extensive value-added content they produce. This continues as part of Toolbarn’s Managed Services program with Gorilla, which includes ongoing strategic and tactical support and suggestions based on data and content analysis.

Additional site integrations included Power Reviews, Edgenet PIM for product data, Eclipse ERP, PayPal, and Bronto.

As with any ecommerce program, Gorilla continues to work with Toolbarn to ensure complete lifecycle support for continuous scalability and growth. The online tool retailer has a number of Phase 2 items to execute through our Managed Services team in 2016, and plans to work with Gorilla to develop two additional storefronts for subsidiary brands, and

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