UpToDate, a division of global information services provider Wolters Kluwer Health, is the premiere physician-authored resource providing clinical decision support to healthcare practitioners, institutions, students, and patients.


Needing to enhance the customer acquisition process, simplify checkout, and efficiently automate order processing, UpToDate partnered with Gorilla to define and implement a practical ecommerce solution.


We initially consulted with UpToDate to define business requirements and determine whether Magento Enterprise was a good fit for their unique business needs. Subsequently, we launched a solution that delivers a streamlined experience built around UpToDate’s subscription products.

With this understanding of UpToDate’s business environment, we integrated Magento with their existing site, enabling only those elements of the ecommerce platform necessary to achieve project goals. This included configuring numerous APIs to pass information between systems to control everything from user validation and single sign-on to zip code-based taxation.

Product detail pages were highly customized to support these subscription-based products. The checkout flow was completely updated, allowing users to intuitively sign up and/or purchase suggested add-ons to subscriptions. Throughout the project, our development and QA teams worked iteratively with UpToDate to ensure each step of the build went according to plan. Post-launch, the site is supported by Gorilla’s Managed Services.


  • On-time, on-budget launch
  • Simplified customer acquisition funnel
  • Enabled subscription ordering and suggestive selling
  • Instituted significant back-office efficiencies

Having a dedicated team and being as available as you folks were made a tremendous impact. I look forward to continuing to work with you on future phase items.— Terri L., Project Manager, UpToDate

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